What to these take-off parts fit?
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Can you help me figure out what model of Ford Pick-up truck these parts can fit? (links to large pictures of parts and serial numbers inside)

Set of front shocks, serial number close-up)and a wide view

coil spring, wide view and best quality

Here's a
front spindle and a close up of the serial number

Some rear shocks, wide view, and a close up of the serial number here.

So, anyone have any idea how I'd find out where these go to?
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Why don't you just give the part number to the Ford parts bloke at your local dealership. He could tell you straight away,
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The number on that Spindle is actually a Ford part number, not a serial number. It looks like the shocks have part numbers on them (same format as on the spindle), in addition to a serial. Usually you can just call up a dealership and ask them to run the part number.
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Ford has used a part number scheme for a long time that starts with the a letter that denotes the decade and a number which denotes the year. For example "C8AZ-bla bla bla" is a 68 year part for a Mustang. The number on that spindle (7L34-3K171 ?) doesn't seem to fit that. Some more info here.

I am not sure how the part number for the shocks would help at all, as most shocks can fit a wide variety of vehicles.
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If I had to put a bit of money down, I'd guess these are European Ford parts. Any chance of that being the case? Perhaps for one of the European Escorts of Mondeo?
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"or" mondeo
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