buying a laptop in Bangkok
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Where should I buy a laptop in Bangkok?

I'm in Bangkok for a couple of days next week and wish to avoid the chaos and make the most of the cheap shopping.

I'm after a basic laptop for general email, document writing, USB syncing, occasional cd burning, dvd watching etc. The main feature I am looking for is cheapness. Ideally it would have enough grunt to run dreamweaver, photoshop, or some of the other programs I have been getting round to trying. But the main thing is cheapness and relative reliability.

I'm from the UK and dont know Bangkok well. I do have an MBK experience under my belt, which has led to me posting this question!
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Pretty much the electronics place to go is Pantip Plaza. It's 7 or 8 floors of all electronics. Any tuk tuk, taxi, or motorcycle taxi will know the place.

It's cheap but to warn you: it's pure chaos. Tons of people. Watch your wallet.
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I'll 2nd Pantip Plaza, my wife bought a laptop there. Shop on the higher floors where they have less customers. My other half got all sorts of extra treats installed free of charge. Incidentally, it's also a really great place to buy waterproof housings for cameras if you fancy some diving.
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Good advice so far, one point to remember when you are trying to get a good deal (you will have to haggle) is that you should be sure that everything is in the box that you expect to be included. I remember in pre-iPod days buying a Minidisc recorder. We agreed a price and then the salesman tried to sting me for 'extras' like the bespoke rechargeable battery and headphones. Same goes for guarantees, warranties, etc.
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