What is a good replacement for this discontinued nail polish?
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Is there a nail polish I'll love as much as my beloved, discontinued Revlon Top Speed Chrome Polish? Or that will even come close?

I'm not very girly--I'll probably never pay to get my nails done-- but I do like to have my toenails painted if I'm going barefoot or in sandals.
I used to love Revlon top speed chrome polish in Lily and Platinum because not only were they pretty colors (bright silver), it was completely dry in under a minute and best of all it went on THICK, so if you were running out the door you could slap it on over your old, chipped polish, and it would cover it completely.
Does anyone know of a polish like this? it doesn't have to be bright silver (although that would be nice--I like the way my toes look in silver); the quick-drying and covering aspects are what I really care about.
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oh man, i am in the same boat! my toesnails have been painted silver for the last 6 years (i kid you not). i asked "santa" for silver nail polish in my stocking, and he checked 3 drugstores and couldn't find any! so just yesterday i ordered some of a brand i never heard of (Color Club Nail Polish Silver Lining) from amazon. i'll let you know how it works once i receive it.
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always eBay discontinued make-up.
there's a lot of Blossom available (for good reason, meh!) but haven't seen either of the two shades you mention.
I loved this too and wore it when Mathowie walked amongst us!! Hee-hee. Mine was the coppery one. Loved it but also cannot find a replacement!
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a good silvery replacement would be MF's Nailfinity Shade "angel eyes" although it's a bit more sparkly than shiny.
Does everything the Chrome does though!
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Beauty Buzz has a color database where you can enter your _____, and the database will return similar replacements. I don't see Chrome listed yet, but you can search for silver or another identifier without having to put in a brand to see what comes back. They also have a nail polish lookalikes page that is updated pretty frequently whenever something is discontinued.
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My quest for awesome nail polished ended at OPI. If they ever discontinue, I'm in trouble, because I tried dozens of others and wasn't satisfied.

I love OPI nail polish. It is the highest quality I have found, and it lasts forever! Best of all, it dries quickly. It looks like they have a silver color in their holiday collection.

You'd probably have to go to a salon to buy it, but I think they have a list on their site of stores that sell it. I found some at my local Target though, and it wasn't listed on their site.
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Seconding OPI nail polish. Great quality, wide range of shades. For silver, I also love my Hard Candy Trailer Trash. And if you want it to dry quickly, use Seche Vite topcoat.
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Magazines have done a study on quality of content and price and the number one brand in all of the nail polish lines is Chanel. Now I know that is a bit more pricy, but that is my suggestion.
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the Color Club Nail Polish Silver Lining i ordered is meh. i like a nice, thick, opaque silver color, and this is too light for my taste.
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