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Help me find the best deal on a 37" HDTV in Vancouver, Canada.

First time purchasing an HDTV and I'm in Vancouver, BC. I did a bit of archive searching, but it seems like most of the previous questions were US-centric, out of my price range or potentially dated.

I'm looking to be in the $900-1100 (before tax) range. Seating distance is a little less than 8 ft. Given that, it seems a 37 in. LCD is going to be my best bet. I'm fine with 720p. Best Buy/Future Shop appear to be the only big chains that have competitive prices (Amazon.ca doesn't sell HDTVs). These three sets are the front-runners currently: Toshiba, Sharp, LG.

It seems like the cheapest (Toshiba) is actually the best, with a better dynamic contrast ratio (although the LG has a better true contrast ratio) and a DVI input. The LG has a two year warranty, but my credit card will provide that on the other TVs.

If anyone has any thoughts, opinions or reviews links about those brands/models, it would be appreciated. Other suggestions, about models or places to shop, are also quite welcome. Thanks!

I have a Costco card, but I'm a bit leery of getting an HDTV there, as the only credit card they accept is their in-house Amex. No credit card means I can't double warranty length and no purchase protection. It would take a pretty killer deal to outweigh those concerns. I also have friends in Seattle that I visit fairly regularly, I could conceivably grab something in the States. But due to Customs fees, getting US tax paid on it refunded, potential problems getting a US warranty serviced, etc., the price difference would have to be pretty significant.
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Best answer: I don't have a lot of advice as far as brands, but a friend of mine was always pricing HDTVs and swore by Red Flag Deals and Digital Home Canada to find the best dea. I would watch RFD and maybe post in the Digital Home forums to see whether there are any really good deals around right now.
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699 free shipping.
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Read RedFlagDeals.
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Alternately, you could consider the Westinghouse 42", at $1399 at Best Buy. It's true 1080p, so it's more future-proof than a 720p, but it's a little more expensive than you'd like and has no TV tuner. I have the equivalent 37" and have been nothing but happy with it.

And if you drive down to Bellingham, you can get it for $989 US, which, at a $400 savings, more than covers (IMHO) any worries about taxes, duties and warranty and you'd have enough left for an HD set-top box.
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Best answer: I would seriously consider checking out the selection at Costco, don't worry about warranty issues as Costco has an excellent return policy - I returned a TV after owning it for 13 months and all I told them was that I wasn't satisfied with it and they took it back no questions asked.
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Seconding RedMosquito.
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Note that Costco has changed their TV return policy, though it is still good. It is no longer infinite (as it used to be), though it is still good. Looking at a random tv on their site (and I believe this is the terms for all their televisions) it is now: "Costco extends manufacture warranty to 2 years; Returns accepted within 90 days from date of purchase".
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inigo2: I do not believe Costco Canada has made the same TV return policy change as Costco in the US has. As far as I know, the only return restriction for Costco Canada is for laptop and desktop computers - they can only be returned within 6 months of purchase.
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