Where can I find an audio book cast list
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Is there anywhere I can get a list of the cast of an audio book recording?

I just finished reading World War Z. I saw that the audio book lists Mark Hamill and Henry Rollins, among others, as voice actors. But I can't find what characters they read for (portray?). Is there any audio book equivalent to something like imdb.com?
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This enlarged view of the audiobook cover should help:

jpg link
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A list is also available on the official website. Scroll down in the box on the right hand side, under the image of the book.
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Whoa... anyone listened to the audio book? I loved that book... is the audio book as awesome, 'cuz there's real potential there...
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I have listened to it and it was indeed great; however, it is abridged by almost 50%.
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Based on their parts, I might have to get this. Particularly Mark Hamill's, Wainio has a huge role in the book.
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Oh, and thank you.
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World War Z (audio and actual book) did indeed rpck. Kinda off topic but for those that might be interested, they are making a movie version of it this year.
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