Free poker?
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Where can I find places to play Hold'em for free (or perhaps a cover charge) in the Clearwater, fl area.

I went back to Arizona over the holidays and found out that one of my favorite restaurants (in their bar) plays Hold'em four nights a week. All for play money and all for free. I went one night and had a blast. I'd love to find a place here in Clearwater where I could do the same thing, but wouldn't mind a smallish drive of <= 30 minutes. I've looked at and didn't have much luck. Short of cold calling random bars I'm at a loss.
Any help?
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really, what restaurant? and was it decent play considering there was no money at stake?

live in AZ, never been to florida, sorry :)
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The place I played at was in Cottonwood. I see you're in Tempe, a few months ago I played at a bar in Chandler for free, sadly (or rather because I was drunk, and didn't drive) I don't know the name of the bar. I do know it was on Chandler Ave, but that's not much help.
That same day though, some friends and I went to the Scottsdale gun club, and there is a bar in that same complex (again forgot the name) and they were playing cards [for free] when I went in for a soda and waited for my friends to arrive.
I think the Scottsdale gun club is on Scottsdale and Rain Tree, but I could be totally wrong.
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You might want to ask the guys who run Ante Up in Tampa Bay. They are very nice guys who run a poker podcast from the St. Petersburg Times. If there's a game you are looking for, they might/probably know about it.
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I don't know if it is in Florida, but in Charlotte there is 5th Street Entertainment that provides free pub poker championships. You might look into that.
Here is their website: you may want to see if you could start one.
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