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Who are your favorite fortune tellers in the Manhattan/Brooklyn area?

I want to interview a dozen or so fortune tellers in New York during New Year's day. I'm looking for some real cards (zing) and as well as popular veterans. Tarot and palm-reading is included.
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MeFite hermitosis is somewhere in the NY area and does tarot readings if I recall correctly. If you don't wind up with a dozen names here, I bet he knows plenty more.
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Response by poster: I'm good friends with Hermitosis, so unfortunately I can't interview him, and he doesn't know other names. Anyone else? Geographic diversity would be helpful, so I'm not interviewing 8 people within the same 3 East Village blocks. Other boroughs are fine!
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When I lived in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn, there was a guy who had a tiny storefront on Court Street a block or two above Atlantic Ave. When I say tiny, I mean tiny: he literally had under 10 square feet of space. I never used his services, but he looked like an interesting guy -- sort of Crispin Gloverish.
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I think I walk by HeroZero's suggestion every day. Now that I think of it, I don't think they're there any more, since I normally see a young woman sitting out there saying "Step right in, sweetie, want your palm read? Step right in." I haven't seen her for a while. If you go looking, the place I'm thinking of is next to Evergreen Deli, on Court Street, between Livingston and Schermerhorn.

One place I've been fascinated with for years is the place on Christopher Street, near Hangar Bar. What I find particularly fascinating is how they've stayed in business for so long in such prime real estate, even though I've never seen a single soul go in there.
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I know a couple of people, but not the kind who would agree to appear in a magazine. There are storefronts in just about every neighborhood, but I don't know if they're open on New Year's Day.

Wish I could help more. Maybe you could interview my sock puppet.
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There's one in the front of the bar at Employee's Only (where I first met hermitosis, ironically). Might be there tomorrow. Good luck.
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*Employee's Only
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Maybe late in the day, but if you e-mail me (in profile), I have the names and e-mails of several readers who did an event for me last year. Several card readers, a rune reader, and a flower reader.
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