What is there to do on New Years Eve in Ft. Lauderdale that doesn't involve bars?
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New Years. Going alone. Not really interested in drinking. Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Where?

My New Years Eve will be spent either going to some bars with coworkers or doing my own thing. If I do my own thing I won't really drink much if at all. Are there any alternatives to bars and dance clubs that would be fun to go to for a couple hours in the Fort Lauderdale area? I'd say around 30 minute driving time maximum, unless there's something really cool further away.

Otherwise I will act as designated driver or just stay at home where it's safe.
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Best answer: I *think* there's a new years eve guide in the dead-tree version of the new times.
They have a really sparse section on the site that lists an 80s dance party and Lewis Black. Because those are the only two things to do tomorrow night. In Miami, there's a free open air concert at bayfront park before big orange drops with fireworks.
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Response by poster: I like Lewis Black, but that appears that it'll set me back $70 minimum and I'm not willing to commit that much money this new years.

Oooh, open air concert. And free you say? What's parking like in that area?
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Response by poster: Found the List of Events for Bayfront Park and the parking section.
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Response by poster: This is pretty good, but if anyone else has suggestions I'm all ears.
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Yeah, there's lots of parking lots, but try not to park at the bayside shops garage - they always hike up the rate to $10 for events.
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Best answer: I would stay away from Miami on NYE. That would mean hitting 95 which is a risk on a good day. On a night when everyone will be drinking on South Beach and then hitting the highway? I wouldn't do it.

Hollywood Beach is always fun. I spent one of my best holidays there. Just go from restaurant to restaurant and sit on the broadwalk (not boardwalk) and people watch. Or grab a blanket and sit on the beach.
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Best answer: I was thinking of heading to south beach with a friend and just walk around lincoln road or the beach itself. But I changed my mind yesterday when I thought about how parking and driving would be during that time. I don't think or know of any event in Broward that does not involve bars, drinks, or clubs. One option is to head to the beach, maybe by Beach place around Las Olas, there will probably be people there. Hollywood Boardwalk sounds like a place too, but I haven't been there in ages.. I wonder if downtown Hollywood is doing something too, they have a pretty sweet area with restaurants and bars.

Now I'm thinking of heading to Riverfront which should provide enough in the way of people and celebration. There is a bar there that also tends to the not-so-mainstream music but I've only been there once. Another option is going the Hard Rock, they have a large free parking garage and a strip of bars outside and the Casino is right next to them.

So there are several areas to visit but none that seem to fit your criteria, other than the beach.
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Best answer: I believe the City of Hollywood also does fireworks. Could be nice to grab a cocoa, sit on the broadwalk and watch the fireworks.
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Response by poster: Yes, it seems Hollywood will fit my desires best. Thanks all!
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