What is the cheapest and safest way to send a package to Malaysia with the assurance that it will get to the intended recipient?
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My sister wants to send a package to someone in Malaysia -specifically in Selangor - however, it seems packages don't always make it to the recipient for whatever reason. She is sending photographs and wants to be sure it gets to the recipient - any tips out there? What is the safest and least expensive way to send it (more photographs)? TIA
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The safest way and the least expensive way are not the same.

US Postal Service Express Mail International is the least expensive method that would offer tracking and include a signature confirmation upon delivery. If the photographs fit in a flat-rate envelope (about 9x12 inches, free at the Post Office) it would cost about $25 for as much material as you could fit in the envelope. You can get a slight discount by printing the postage yourself using the USPS website or a similar service.

I have shipped many Express Mail International packages to several countries (though not Malaysia) with very few problems. If you declare your photos to be documents of no commercial value, I would imagine that the risk of loss/theft would be much lower than for valuable items such as electronics.
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My mom sent some legal documents to Pakistan using DHL because you can't trust the mail system over there. Guaranteed delivery, tracking, signature, etc - just like UPS or FedEx in the States. She was very happy with it.
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I also have had good luck with with USPS express mail. Be sure not to include anything of potential commercial value in the package.
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Malaysian here.

Photographs should be fine - you only have to worry if it's some sort of cosmetic/beauty product/perfume, as those get occasionally confiscated. Someone sent me the Satanic Verses by post and I was surprised that it didn't get confiscated, but a whole box of political zines sent by post never made it.

However, I would definitely recommend getting them registered. Post to Malaysia will be expensive no matter what, and getting them registered has better assurance that they'll show up. I've received plenty of stuff from the US (and elsewhere) via unregistered post, but if you're really worried, registered is the way to go.

Selangor should be OK, it's the state around the capital. Where in Selangor does she want to post it to?
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Whenever I send documents or anything important to Asia, I always use DHL.
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