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In D.C. next week with more time on my hands than work to be done. Any political rallies or events going on I should go to?
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Try dcist.com? The Washington Post? Where are you staying? What do you want to do? That's a vague question...
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Just looking for political rallies or events in that vein. I got a metro card, so I'm open to almost anywhere the metro services.

I'm in the middle of the dreaded "fly-over" zone so this is my best chance to get involved in the political circus.
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At the end of the month is the "March for Life" which you could either join or counter protest depending on where you stand on the abortion issue.
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You should check out the Bryan McKenzie Infoshop, at: http://www.dcinfoshop.org/. It's at 1426 9th Street NW, close to the Shaw-Howard metro on the Green/Yellow. Or rather, give them a call and see what might be going on in DC, if you're thinking of progressive/radical type stuff.

Spend some time exploring DC (not the Mall, either). DC is a city with people and vibrant local culture, not just an enclave of the federal government.
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The political circus is in New Hampshire and Iowa (dreaded flyover!) at the moment, not DC.
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DC Indymedia has a list of events. Also here. There are almost always people in the park across from the White House, expressing their views on a number of topics. The Supreme Court steps often house a few people with signs, too.

If you have a particular interest or concern (Iraq war, homelessness, drilling in ANWR, a creche in Nagodoches, etc.), track down whatever group in DC is likely to be working on it and ask them. The State of the Union provides a lot of political theater, but isn't until the 28th, I think.
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Dude! Thursday is the Iowa caucus. Lots of people will be watching the results come in, many of them in local groups organized by one of the campaigns. Check for "meet-up" type groups for the campaign of your choice (except probably Fred Thompson, who isn't competing in Iowa). I'll be at the [deleted] meet-up nearby in [deleted].

Or, just head to the NDC; they don't check membership at the door, and you can head into the bar.
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