NE/Greek pizza in NYC?
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New England/greek style pizza in NYC?

I grew up in New Hampshire and now live in New York City. Is there any place that serves the New England/Greek pizza style (wikipedia explanation here.) I live in Manhattan, so that's easiest, but obviously for something obscure like this I'd be willing to travel to other boroughs.
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There's got to be lots of places in Astoria that do it.
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not sure if it's the same, but a lot of pizzerias will serve something called either "sicilian" or "grandma"-style pizza, which is deep-dish with a thick crust.
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What about Queens-based chain Singas Pizza?

Their one Manhattan location is in the East Village, 2nd Avenue, between 10th and 11th. They have a "Greek" pizza on the menu, with Calamata olives, fresh spinach, feta cheese, tomatoes, fresh chopped garlic.
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Singas is a has Greek origins in Elmhurst, Queens and makes pizzas that are cooked in shallow cast-iron pans. They tend to have a thicker crust than NYC folks are accustomed to, and are only sold in individual pie portions. I can attest that the jalapeno ones are might tasty.
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The sicilian style pizza I see is to risen (and the cheese and sauce on NE style pizza tends to be different too).

And while I love feta et al. on my pizza it's not just a question of greek toppings, but of the pan-cooked, crispier, greasier crust, etc.
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There's a Singas in Manhattan too.
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Although, I now see that the link from Singas' web site doesn't do it correctly.

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On not previewing, it looks like Kathryn nailed it afterall!
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Let me assure you that Sicilian style and Greek are not the same. It would be like saying A Gyro and a Donair are the same...
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