Help me find a cold pillow!
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I am looking for a pillow that stays cold all the time that does not require water!

I know they exist because I saw one at a friend's house. He has since lost it and I am looking to replace it for him.

I have seen the Chillow, but it requires water.
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I would also be interested in something like this. You don't have any ideas about brand name or other clues that might help?
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Some people swear that the various buckwheat-husk filled pillows stay cool, but I can't verify this, I found my memory foam pillows before I tried one of the buckwheat ones.
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Response by poster: It was the size of a normal pillow, and it was in a pillow case, so I am unsure of the color or brand.
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I use a buckwheat hull pillow, as seen here.

Many major department stores carry them. Even some Wal Mart stores.

I wouldn't say they stay "cold" but they do allow air to circulate much more freely than any other pillow I have used. This kind of pillow is the best I have used, resulting in a much cooler surface. The nature of the pillow to allow it to conform to your head and neck means much less chance of a stiff neck or similar problems.

Keep in mind that the crunchy feel and sound of the pillow is a turnoff to some. It seems like every movement would result in a sound like you are sleeping on Rice Krispies. But in fact, once you have yourself settled into the pillow for the night, you don't really need to move much at all. I have never had the crunch-factor be a problem.

You do need to replace the pillow every year or so, which is probably a good idea with any pillow. The hulls break down and flatten out, losing the effective consistency.
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I've also heard that buckwheat pillows stay cool all night. And from a Google search:

The Sleep Cool Pillow.

The Sharper Image Cool Comfort Contour Foam Pillow.

The Beautyrest Cool Max Pillow

The Softlux Pillow.
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I have two pillows and a mattress protector from Sealy Posturepedic which have extra branding for a group called Outlast. As near as I can see, Outlast have developed a material that is able to dissipate heat very quickly and are licensing it out to whoever has an interest in it. It looks like quite a few groups have licensed this material for use in pillows and miscellaneous bedding products.

I wouldn't say that these are perfect because they do warm up, but they are a huge help and the pillows don't develop a hot spot. The only significant problem with them is that the pillow case and the mattress fitted cover slow down the speed at which the material dissipates the heat. If I lie down on the pillow and mattress protector without their coverings, my body goes through a really strange sensation. I can feel that the material is slightly colder about a centimeter away from where my body makes contact with the bed and it is very disconcerting.

It took a little while to get used to the pillows and mattress protector and they were very expensive (at least double the amount compared to normal bedding), but they are well worth the cost. I haven't woken up in a heat haze for over a year and my ears don't overheat anymore, nevertheless - YMMV.

@item: My pillows have zips on the side and each came with two extra packets filled with the material used inside of the pillow and you could turn them from a normal firmness to whatever you preferred. Standard sized pillows. White/cream.
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Well, this may not be so comfy sounding, but it is supposed to be cool: Traditional Chinese Jade Pillow
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I would also be interested in any reviews of these pillows since this is something I've always wanted, especially in the summertime.

The Softlux appears to have some rather negative reviews about it.
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The buckwheat husk pillows do stay cool although you have to turn it over when you wake up. I'm stuck with it because of neck issues, but it does take some getting used to. It's a lot like sleeping on a sandbag, and you have to mash a head-shaped groove in it before you lay down. If you do break a sweat, they aren't very, um, absorbent, and you'd have to replace them fairly often, as they get gnarly if you sweat on them. I have no data, but they are organic, and I suspect that the shed skin flakes and dust mites could build up in there next to the husks and become an allergy problem if you're sensitive. (I read somewhere the percentage by weight of dust mites in a plain old pillow by the end of a year, and I don't remember the number, but it was frightening and disgusting, so there might not be much difference in that area.)
That jade pillowcase looks incredibly cool (no pun intended), but I suspect it might be a bit lumpy in practice.
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