Week-long Bicycle Tours In or Near New York State?
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I need to submit my 2008 vacation requests soon and I need some help finding a week-long bicycle tour to go on this summer that is within a reasonable driving distance from western NY State (Rochester).

I did my first bicycle tour, the Bon Ton Roulet in NY, a couple of years ago and I'm looking for something similar. I'd really like to do the Erie Canal Ride but I can't get that week off from work.

I'm an intermediate rider and I would like to average about 50-55 miles a day, maybe a little less if it's really hilly route. My budget for the registration fee is somewhere around $600. A ride that starts and finishes at the same location is preferable, because I don't want to worry about finding a way to get back to my car. And finally, the more participants the better (the Bon Ton had 400 riders).

Any suggestions?

Thank you.
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Could you try Bon Ton Roulet again? They're starting from Auburn this year (July 20-26).

And have you checked with (joined?) the Rochester Bicycling Club?
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Try Butterfield & Robinson. I don't know what they cost retail, but worth talking to.
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I'm not sure how you define a reasonable drive, but my parents really enjoy GOBA. It's huge, participants vary from beginner to advanced, and it sounds neat because every night the tour stops in a different small town for which the bike race is probably the highlight of the month because of the massive influx of people.
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