Hat, hat, where you at?
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Need to find very specific type of hat on the INTARWEBS. First seen in San Francisco's Chinatown. Picture follows...

I was just in San Francisco and while perusing the imports shops in Chinatown my friend and I stumbled upon these adorable little hats, touted as "children's hats" on the price sign with no more description.


Yes, that's me. They must not have been TOO small, because they did fit my average-sized head nicely. In case it's hard to tell, they're just normal sewn cotton fabric hats with earflaps and ties. The features are embroidery and felt, but the features aren't the focal point of this quest.

I was basically broke at this point in the trip and so I did not buy the hat while I was there, but would really like to buy something similar online for me and my friend. I don't even know where to begin googling for this since I don't know the technical name for this kind of hat.

Additionally, I do live in Chicago 11 out of 12 months of the year, so someplace in our Chinatown to buy these (specific store, please) would also work.
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Response by poster: Photo link for reals
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These aren't quite as cute as the one in your pic, but it looks like you want a Chinese tiger hat.
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So far, this is all I have found on the internets, I'm going to keep on searching.

Apparently it is a children's tiger hat.
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Best answer: Link, link, and link.
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