Cheapest prices, in the 5 boroughs of NYC, for Amy's frozen foods?
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Cheapest prices, in the 5 boroughs of NYC, for Amy's frozen foods? Specifically, do you know any store where the Pockets are regularly less than $2.19, or the Tofu Lasagna is regularly less than $3.99? Those are best individual prices I've found (my freezer's too small for me to buy a case).
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I used to live near the Key Food on Flatbush near 7th Avenue, and they very frequently had them on sale. If you google Key Food, they list the circulars online so you can find out when they are on sale and only make a trip if so. But I can't help with regular prices.
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Does anyone know how much they are at the Park Slope Food Co-op? My roommate regularly buys Amy's products there for positively ridiculously low prices, but there aren't any in the freezer right now so that I can check. Membership involves working a shift though.
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Statistically speaking, the PSFC is probably the cheapest price for any given food item in the city, since they have a fixed 15% markup on everything. The downside is, though, that you can't "just shop" there- you have to be a member, which involves a work shift.
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Response by poster: (Should've specified no PSFC, sorry! :))

Has anybody noticed lower than the 3.99 or 2.19 prices in a non-membership store? Paying attention to sales like Key Food's is a great idea, I'm just checking here to see if there are regular (non-sale) prices lower than those anywhere.
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