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Are 30-year-old Barbie dolls dangerous?

No, seriously. Could Barbie and/or her old clothes be toxic or otherwise chemically unstable or carcinogenic due to her age and/or lax 1970s toy standards? They seem fine, but, you know...
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Best answer: Are 30-year-old Barbie dolls dangerous?

Only if you take away their vodka.

Seriously: Why There's No Such Thing as a Toxic Barbie
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As in the article above, the plasticisers may migrate out, causing stickiness or tackiness at the skin. The most common disfigurement on older (post-1960) Barbies (particularly Skipper dolls) is "green ear," where the embedded metal of the earrings or rings built into the doll tarnishes and stains the plastic skin. This looks pretty gross, but may be removable with a variety of solvents.
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You seem to be assuming that current Barbies are 100% safe.
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I gave mine to my daughter and her friends and they're all still alive. The girls, that is, the Barbies suffered terrible losses.

I don't know for sure but I wouldn't be at all surprised if 1970s toy safety standards weren't more stringent than ours are today after several decades of deregulation.
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