How can I round prices in Excel?
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In Excel 2007, I need advice on how to round a series of prices to either a $0.50 ending, or a $0.95 ending.

The first digit or two (the dollars) of the price will vary. The rounding should only occur in the last two digits (the cents).

Prices from $X.00 to $X.49, round up to $X.50.
Prices from $X.51 to $X.94, round up to $X.95.
Prices from $X.96 to $X.99, round down to $X.95.

I was thinking an If Then statement, but not sure how to deal with the differing dollar part of the price.

I'm thinking this is probably easy, and I am just missing something.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
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I'm not very familiar with Excel's scripting abilities, but in your if-then, can you declare anything before the decimal point as a wildcard? Like so:

"if (value <>= *.00)
then (whatever)"

(yes, that was C++. Kinda)

I don't know if there's a way to do that, but it seems like you'd be able to say " *.50" to mean "anything ending in .50".
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Looking back, it messed with my code since I didn't use the proper tags. Ignore my C++ example, my last sentence is the real answer.
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Presuming your price is in A1:

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Try this formula:
(replace A1 with whatever cell contains the relevant data.)

The key ingredient here is the TRUNCate function, which cuts off everything past a certain digit. TRUNC(A1,-2) cuts off starting with two spaces to the left of the decimal point.

If dollars and cents are in decimal form, rather than whole-number form, replace with TRUNC(A1,0) or just TRUNC(A1), and replace 51, 50, and 95 with .51, .50, and .95.
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pompomtom has got the form right, but you actually want

or else $5.50 will be rounded to $5.95
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Oops, of course my version should be

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and, when not being eaten by mefi:

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ugh, i forgot to format my bracket properly:

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Instead of the (A1-INT(A1)), you should be able to just do RIGHT(A1,3).
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RIGHT(A1,3) will work fine as long as all your prices are correctly formatted with two decimal places. If they are just left in Excel's default format, you will get the wrong result from values like $25.10, which will be stored as 25.1.
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