Eliminating Hyperlinks in Excel X for Mac?
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Probably ridiculously obvious Excel question: how do I set it so that a URL is never turned into a hyperlink?

It's really as simple as that, I don't want hyperlinks in a spreadsheet ever, I don't ever have a need to click a link in Excel and go to a website. I don't want properly formed URLs that I put into a spreadsheet to turn into hyperlinks at all, but even if it's a sheet by sheet or column by column fix, that's fine, I just can't find out how to do this at all. Oh, I should note that this is using Excel X for Mac.
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Four steps:

Select "AutoCorrect Options" from the Tools menu;
Select the tab that says "AutoFormat As You Type";
Uncheck the box that says "Internet and network paths with hyperlinks";
Click OK.
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There is no "AutoCorrect Options" in the Tools menu...
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My mistake. Somehow, I was so excited to actually have an answer to a question, I skipped over the Mac part. heh.

I believe that on the Mac version of Excel, it's just "AutoCorrect..." and the box to uncheck is "Internet paths with hyperlinks." Please forgive me if I'm wrong.
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Here you go:

How to prevent hyperlinks in Excel for the Mac
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Wow, this is ridiculous, I have to create an event handler just to avoid this behavior. Back to Google Docs. Thanks, crosten.
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I would just use the single quote to start the cell.

In my version of excel (2000) it works.

I hope this helps.
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kindachris, I'm a PC user and was dying to know the answer as well so thanks.
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