Vintage how-to drawings
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I'm looking for vintage diagrams from how-to books, online, for domestic arts. For example, instructions on how to make jam, with step-by-step drawings; or how to make a handkerchief, with step-by-step drawings.

I'm hoping for something Victorian, like Mrs. Beeton, but anything up to the 1950's will do. It can't be hard copy, as I don't have a scanner, and can't afford to buy anything antique anyway. Anyone have any ideas where I can find such things? I'm in New York, if it matters.
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Response by poster: Follow-Up: If I download Mrs. Beeton from Project Gutenberg, do you know if the illustrations are available as well? Does it matter which format I choose to download it with?
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Check out Modern Mechanics
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Check out Google Books. Old (Victorian era) books are usually available in full view, and you can download them to your computer.
Here's an example.
You might have the best luck finding illustrations in the school textbooks.
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There are a bunch of illustrations from both the 19th & early 20th century Delineator and Godey's Lady's Book magazines posted various places on line. I know some libraries have digitized their archives of the older magazines, so you might be able to get access at your local public or a nearby university library.
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