'Woo Hoo!" or "Yoshi!"?
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In Mario Party 7 for the gamecube, when Yoshi wins a minigame, does he yell 'Woo Hoo!" or "Yoshi!"?

Yes, this is an utter waste of an askme. But I am right and my husband is wrong.
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In this one random youtube video, Yoshi says "Wahoo!" or something like that. I don't know if this is a definitive answer or not though, as Yoshi may say other things in other minigames. But, I don't really think so.
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Yes, the noise he makes at about 1:54 into that video is the one I'm talking about. Thanks for finding that! Ok, so I'm going to count that as one vote for "Woo Hoo!"
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I'm a big Yoshi fan and whenever I've heard that sound (at 1:54 in that video), I thought he was saying "Yoshi."
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Sounds like Yoshi to me.
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Girlfriend and I are also big Yoshi fans (well....I am. She's always been a fan of Toad) and we both hear "Yoshi!!!".
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Definitely saying "Yoshi!"
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In the posted video, it pretty clearly sounds like "Yoshi" to me - I definitely don't hear "Woo Hoo" or anything similar.

I also thought that was his trademark yell in most games where he speaks, yelling out his own name.
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From Wiki:

"Besides "hup", "gong" and "wah!", Yoshi, in various games, has said his own name."
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Yeah, I thought Yoshi was basically like a Pokemon, and only ever said his own name.

I found this on his wikipedia entry, which seems to support that theory...

Sounds like "Yoshi!" to me in the video posted above, too.
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Upon relistening to the clip, I'm changing my vote to "Yoshi!" too.
I am easily swayed by popular opinion.
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What the hell? It's certainly not "Yoshi!" in the linked video @ 1:54 - I guess I have to vote "Woohoo".

It doesn't sound like Woohoo either, but it's closer to that than "Yoshi".
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Although, the sound he makes at 3:48 sounds like wahoo! to me. Someone tell me otherwise so that I can change my opinion again.
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1:54 (in yeoz's video) is "Yoshi".

2:08 sounds more like "woohoo", though.
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Sounds like Yoshi to me too!

but I might be swayed by years of playing Mario and always assuming that's what he said!
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1:54 and 2:08 sound the same to me - "wahoo." I can't hear anything that sounds remotely like "Yoshi." What is up with you people? Or am I losing my hearing in the upper ranges?
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Sounds like "Yoshi!" to me, but it's certainly possible it's just some unintelligible exclamation designed to sound cute.
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According to my game-playing kids, Yoshi always says "Yoshi" when he wins a minigame or party. We listened to the Youtube clip just to be sure, and they assure me that the unintelligible shout at 1:54 was, in fact, "Yoshi".
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It does sound like "Yoshi!" said in some kind of baby-talk voice.
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I would put a dollar on him saying "Yoshi"
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I agree with selfmedicating...they both sound like Wahoo to me!
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I can say that in Mario Kart, at least, Yoshi definitely says "Yoshi!"
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After listening to the clip a third and final time, I'm going back to Wahoo.

I think you and your husband should listen to the clip yourselves, (without showing him this thread, so that the answers here don't unduly influence him), decide your bet, and return to us with an answer. Posthaste.
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I always thought it was 'Wahoo' and I recorded his exclamation off Mario 64 DS, where he does it incessantly to prove it. After listening to it loop a few times though I'm sorry to report that he actually is saying 'Yoshi': sound + pitchshift
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Wow. I really thought it was "Wahoo". Thanks to moifit I am know dealing with a huge life changing decision and having to agree that Yoshi is saying "Yoshi." I feel like my innocence has been lost.
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My girlfriend and I have spent countless hours playing Mario Party 5, 6 and 7 and at first I thought he was saying "woo hoo" but my girlfriend eventually pointed out that I was wrong and he was, infact, saying Yoshi.

Despite the fact I realised she was, infact right, I am being forced at gun point to type that she is never wrong so of course it couldn't be anything else other than "Yoshi!" So in short, yeah, another two votes for Yoshi, here.

Personal anecdote aside, I wonder if it this is some male vs. female phenomenon? By the sounds of it you are saying your husband also thought Yoshi was saying "wahoo", just as I originally thought he did.

There's probably a research paper in this...
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I really don't see how people are hearing "Yoshi." I must be pronouncing it incorrectly, because it sounds more like "WAH-OOO" or "YAH-HOO," with the emphasis on the second syllable. Yoshi sounds more like "YO-SHEE", with the emphasis on the first syllable according to how I've pronounced it.
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All right, after listening to moift's sound clip, I'm in the "Yoshi" camp.
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Mario says "Wahoo!" Yoshi says "Yoshi!" Always.
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You're both right, I think. AskMe folk are just listening to different yoshi exclamations.

At 1:54, he cheers "Yoshi!" After he's warped out of Bowser's lair though, he shouts "wahoo!" at 2:08.
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Totally agree with pinksoftsoap, but I want to hear it slowed down and cleaned up to be sure.
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I think Yoshi says "Yoshi!" at 1:54 in yeoz's video clip and "Wa-hoo!" at 2:08.
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I had this exact same argument with my brother- it's been going on for years and gets quite heated at times. I thought it was "whoo hoo", but after listening to these clips, I have to concede I was wrong... Damn. I hope he never reads this thread. I don't want a "victory wedgie".
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Yoshiiiii. But the shiiiii is pronounced in such a way that I can imagine people who've mainly been exposed to a limited set of sounds might interpret it as (s)hooooo.

The stress, though. It's on the first syllable, clearly. And nobody would shout "wahoo" with the stress on the "wa".
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Yoshi makes the same noise when he passes someone in Mario Kart DS, and my wife and I constantly argue because I think he says "Yoshi!" and she thinks he says "Excuse Me!".

Anyway, I also vote for "Yoshi!" at 1:54 and "wahoo" at 2:08. The same two noises are in Mario Kart DS and they are definitely two different things.
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Woah. He really IS saying "Yoshi" at 1:54 and "Wahoo" at 2:08. I am shocked that:

* The two sounds are different
* The way I have perceived the world is not, in fact, how the world actually is
* Other people have had this same debate

@Effigy2000 - doesn't seem to be a male-female thing, since I was on the "wahoo" side and my husband was on the "Yoshi" side. I think it may just have to do with how carefully people listen. I have a tin ear and wouldn't be surprised if I just heard "wahoo" once and assumed that was what he always said.

What an awesome community. Thank you all for definitively settling this.
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Listen at 4:57 and 5:00. *Both* of those are Waa-hoo's!
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I need to get my hearing checked, apparently. Even the 'Best Answer' sounds like Wa-hoo (or Yahoo) to me.
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