Any advice for a couple traveling to Baja Mexico?
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My S.O. are thinking about a March getaway in Todos Santos, Mexico. Are there any Mexicans or experienced travelers who can advise us? We've never travelled in Latin America, but are in the mood for something new.

My partner are looking for a gay friendly destination somewhere warm for a vacation in February or March. We're not really resort people, so a big gay destination is not really what we're looking for. We just want a quiet place to relax for a week where we can go hiking and walking and just hang out. We're pretty adventuresome and will rough it if there is a pay off.

Todos Santos looks nice. Is there enough to do for a week? Would we need a car? And most importantly, how touristy is it? We don't expect to find a gay friendly hotel in a pristine unspoiled town. But we're both from tourist towns ourselves, and we don't want to end up in a strip mall, or in a place that no Mexicans would go.
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I don't really know of this helps, but I'm Mexican [and have lived here all my life] and I have NO idea of where this place is. Never even heard of it.

What state is "Todos Santos" in?
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Ups, I'd skipped over the title. Now I see you mention "Baja".

Like I said, I've never heard of this place before, but from my own experience in a lot of Mexican towns and "pueblos", there's never enough to do for a whole week. You'll probably get bored before that. Maybe you can combine half a week in Todos Santos with half a week in Cabo San Lucas. Both places look close enough for a short road trip.
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Any part of Mexico you particularly recommend?
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Todos Santos is lovely, I was there a few years ago. It has a some interesting galleries and a couple of astonishingly good restaurants. It's a great place to relax for a four days, but a week might be a touch too long, unless you bring a big pile of books with you. If you aren't resort people, avoid Cabo San Lucas. Cabo is nothing but resort people.

Do you do any diving or snorkeling? In October I had a great trip to Loreto, which is also in Baja, on the Sea of Cortez side of the peninsula. We had a great time there, we went for four days and found it to be not long enough, so that might be a good alternative or add-on to your itinerary. Lots of people seem to go to Loreto for the fishing but it isn't the only thing to do. There is a little more to Loreto than there is to Todos Santos, but Loreto isn't as large as La Paz or as developed as Cabo. You can hire a boat to take you to some gorgeous beaches in the marine park and so forth, even if you don't fish or dive. We left wishing we had another week to stay.
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