Where to buy retro, printed leggings?
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Where can I buy retro 80's / 90's fluorescent leggings like these? Is there a specific name for them? I've been searching for months without any luck.
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American Apparel might have something similar.
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Huh. The only thing in their leggings category that approaches the pictured garments is this pair of zebra-stripe pants. Not exactly fluorescent. But visually loud, nonetheless.
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Industry and pop-culture aficionados call this look "nu-rave" in referring to an early 90s throwback style, though some choose to refer to this trend as "electro" (though that label seems less specific, as it has been used to describe a number of trends since the early oughts). you might have some luck looking that up. there are some emerging designers from Europe who have re-popularized this look (check out 'Cassette Playa' and 'Kesh', both who design for M.I.A., and design team Panuu).

You should also definitely check out POPRAVE BLOG, which seems like it would be a good jumping-off point.
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I think Pamela Mann is going to be your go-to gal. She seems to have the widest selection of print leggings and tights--nothing from the specific time period you're looking for, but plenty of visual loudness.

(The specific name for those leggings is "lurid eyesore." I say this as someone who walked around in public wearing outfits much like those pictured. My hair was bigger, though. Much bigger.)
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if you use them for running (and some people do!!) look no further than here at the Zombie Runner Store which sells gear for ultrarunners and also offers loud flashy tights
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You might be able to find that sort of thing at a dance costume store. They contain all kinds of spandexed garishness.
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don't know if it will help with the search, but my mom used to refer to my pair of..those..as clamdiggers.
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We Love Colors has tights and some leggings in crazy colors similar to (but not exactly) what you're looking for.

Alternatively, you could buy some black tights and 3 tubes of fabric paint and make like Jackson Pollock. I remember having a pair as a kid that just looked like Pollock had gone neon crazy on them.
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I'd just like to note that the rainbow spandex unitards on the We Love Colors website have just made me one happy jumpsuit collector.
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This looks similar, though the main color is white. It's a footless tight, so I'm not sure if you could wear it alone, but it would work under a skirt. I searched on the brand name, but I didn't come up with much.

Happily, my searches brought me here, where I found these. So now I have to find a way to wear them. I'll have to overhaul my whole closet, of course.
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