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Gorillas -- does anyone know of a good online (or near Seattle) source for large, good quality pictures of gorillas, suitable for framing?

My wife has been in Uganda and Guinea on business for two weeks. Before travelling to Guinea from Uganda, she went on a gorilla trek in the southwest corner of Uganda and took some amazing photos, as you might expect when you're only 5 feet from the gorilla family. Sadly, her wallet was pickpocketed as she boarded the plane in Conakry on her way home. She's somewhat heartbroken and I'm hoping to find a nice print or two that evoke the right memories for her from her trip. Any thoughts?
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Best answer: Haven't searched there for gorillas, but istockphoto has 1000s of affordable, large images.
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iStockPhoto has a few natural and artistic photos of gorillas. They're usually big enough for printing 8x10".

On preview: ah damn. I checked the Smithsonian image archive and found zippo for "ape" and "gorilla"
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Also, Flickr has many - just search by interestingness.
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What does "search by interestingness" mean?
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Best answer: This would be a more useful Flickr link for the OP. But you can see, grumblebee, that "most interesting" is selected as the view mode, as opposed to "most relevant" or "most recent."
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone -- that's a great start for me.
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Please remember to check the Creative Commons license if you find a Flickr photo that you would like to print. This lets you know what kind of permissions the artist has decided to grant you, a member of the public. Even if they have restricted the rights, most people on Flickr are really nice and if you just tell them you would like to buy a print from them, they will probably sell you one or even give it to you.
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Response by poster: Good advice matildaben, thank you -- I'll make sure to do that.
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