Red hot Chilli Peppers
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I have just been given a load of fresh chillies by a colleague at work. Apart from using them in a Chilli or a curry not really sure what else to use them for. One thought I have had is make a chilli sauce. Any tips on the best way to make a chilli sauce?
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If you want to make a fiery chili paste, especially if it is a combo of red chilis like bird or scotch bonnet is to de-stem and de-seed to your personal taste, boil in a combination of vinegar and water and then puree in a food processor. Be careful because of the chili fumes. Hardcore paste makers use the double cleaver method but that takes time. This can be done with fresh chilis.

Most chili sauce recipes I have seen and made use dried chilis that have been roasted or rehydrated in some manner then pureed. I look forward to seeing people's recipes for fresh chilis.

You can also make a spicy jelly of your chilis or even a loose set confit or chutney, if speed is what you prefer.
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Best answer: Mexican home recipe. The quantities really depend on how spicy you want it to be, but it's something you can be adjusting as you go.

You'll need:
● Tomatoes
● The chilis
● Salt
● Onions
A mortar
    ● Put the tomatoes on the fire (in a pan), rotating them a bit so that all sides get "toasted". ● Put the chilis in the mortar. If you want it really spicy, leave the seeds in. If you don't want it all that spicy, just leave a few. If you want it just to be a little spicy, take the seeds out entirely ● Cut the onion in little pieces and put it in the mortar. ● Once the tomatoes are toasted (they should look like this take them to the mortar with the onion and the chilis. ● Crush them until you get a salsa-like consistency, adding salt as you want. Enjoy!

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Grind/dice finely and add them (to taste) in a chocolate cake/brownies/chocolate anything. Delicious!
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How about making chilli jam?
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You could also hang some up to dry - just get a needle and thread and tack the thread through the stems. Might even look festive for the season, and peppers are perfectly usable dry.
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damn. someone beat me to pepper jelly. It sounds weird, but it's really good, especially on crackers for parties.
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Crap. Two people beat me to pepper preserves. Oh well, it's a good idea and great minds think alike.
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I second drying them. Once they're dry, put them in an airtight jar or other container and use them as you need them. I buy peppers from the farmer's market in the summer and keep them around all year!
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Response by poster: Cheers for the replies. Will feedback once I've given them a try
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