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Cheap and reliable way to get from San Juan Int'l to Fajardo Ferry Terminal, PR?

Two people in my family have moved down to Vieques, PR. I'm beginning to think that they are really the smart ones in the family. The windfall is that I'll always have a nice, clean, free place to stay in Esperanza.

The last (first) time I visited, I took a reserved publico (met me at baggage claim) from the SJU airport to the ferry in Fajardo. That was $50 each way (including tip). But, as that was by far the 2nd most expensive part of the trip (airline was 1st), I'm looking to cut costs.

A long time ago, a friend went hiking in the PR rainforest/mountains, and I remember she had told me about how she got around PR cheaply. But I forget the details, and haven't seen her in ages. Phantom cab? Bus service?? She's not the hitch-hiker type... Hmm. Did she steal a bike?

Anyway, my relatives are living in paradise, and we just got a foot of snow--that's why I ask. I think I'm in the wrong climate zone at the moment.
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Hehe, I'll be in Vieques in 6 days. I always take Cape Air. The flight is cheap (I think it's only 150 round trip). It's totally worth it. Besides the fact that it's run a little sloppy and you have to leave security to check in (most of the time) and then go downstairs to the terminal.

The flight is only twenty minutes, which is a boon compared to an hour + taxi ride (which I heard was only five or ten dollars, so maybe it does exist in a cheaper way). Then taking an hour + ferry that smells awful? The air service is a far better way to go. Think of all the time you could be sitting around drinking Medalla on the beach instead of trying to get yourself over to the island...

Plus, if you've never been in a small eight seater plane, it's totally worth it. The view is wonderful, because you're so close to the ground the entire time, and personally, I love watching the pilot. Sometimes you even get to sit next to them!

Perhaps I'll see you there. Enjoy!
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Ah, and here's a link from Isla Vieques that details how to get the cheap publicos. Personally, I am too lazy to navigate that route, but it does exist. Publicos.
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We took a cab to the Fajardo ferry terminal and while I don't recall the exact cost, I do remember it being pretty inexpensive...maybe 10 or 20 dollars. That was about 3 years ago, but I doubt the prices have changed much.
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Some of the hotels in the area also offer once a day buses. Try the El San Juan or the San Juan Chamber of Commerce. Renting a car is not a good way because then you have to leave it on shore or schedule to take it on the ferry, which I've done multiple times, but it can be tricky. Flying is the most straightforward if you can afford to so. Flights out of the Isla Grande may be cheaper.
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Thanks for the Isla Vieques link--it also mentioned the "public cars" from Rio Piedras, which is what, I think, my friend was talking about.

I will also think about taking the puddle-jumper when I'm more financially liquid. That'd be fun. I've just gotta watch the bottom line, and will be traveling with my son, so I'd have to pay for 2 tickets on that. Besides, we travel light.

(My son is pressuring me to let him spend the summer in Vieques with Uncle and Grammy. Maybe next year.)
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My husband and I honeymooned in Vieques and loved it. Lucky you to have family there!

I, too, recommend Cape Air. Nothing beats that amazing little flight. For real.
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