Need medical/health spa vacation suggestions
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My husband needs some time away from the rat race and from us rats (his family). Any suggestions for a health or medical spa/resort where he could spend a week long vacation?

My husband is a healthy 45. Nonetheless, he is still very interested in health issues and how he can maintain his current level of fitness. I'd like to surprise with a week long stay at some kind of medical spa or resort where he could get medical tests that would provide him a baseline of his current health and would also give him information (probably in the form of lectures) on health issues. I looked into the Pritkin Institute but it seems to focus mainly on losing weight. However, I did like that everything was included, that there was a lot of structure to the day, and that different aerobic activity was scheduled for each day. Yes, price is a factor but I wouldn't mind splurging if I thought it was something he'd really enjoy and would be valuable for his continued good health. I'd also like to keep it within the U.S. but again, if prices are much less elsewhere, that would be great. Thanks for any suggestions you can provide!
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Not sure if it's perfect for you, but by searching "vo max stress test spa" on google, I found WellMax, which is quite near Palm Springs. There were some other possibilities in that search as well, so maybe you can drill down to something better.
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Best answer: I've heard nothing but good things about Red Mountain Spa, located just outside St. George, Utah. They have several different health assesment programs, tons of group fitness choices, alll sorts of stuff to fill your day, and a beautiful setting. I've never stayed there, but I've stayed in a house next to the spa and it's gorgeous.
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The finest spa I've every stayed is the Sonoma Mission Inn. Incredible luxury, location and activities, as well as the usual spa stuff.
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Canyon Ranch (Lenox, Mass or Tucson, AZ) Great food, health spa, and they also have an optional program of medical consults as basic or in-depth as you want.
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