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Where can I find a Saeco Piccolo steam cleaner in the US?

Apparently, when it comes to steam cleaners, only the Europeans know how to really scald a thing clean. Various consumer reviews claim that US brand equivalents (such as the SteamFast) don't permit enough steam pressure to build to easily clean tough surfaces. I would primarily use this cleaner for indoors (windows, floors, bathroom surfaces) but it would be nice to be able to use it for tougher jobs like cleaning a barbecue grill. Is this product available through any reputable US vendors? If not, do you have a high-pressure steam cleaner equivalent to recommend? Major points for any product under $100. Thanks!
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Here's the contact information for Saeco U.S.A. (but their website only deals with their coffee machines, and another site I browsed had a comment from a consumer saying "I don't think they're in the steam cleaner business anymore"):

Saeco USA Inc.

7905 Cochran Road Suite 100
Glenwillow, OH 44139
Tel. 440-528-2000
Fax 440-542-9173
E-mail: info@saeco-usa.com

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That's a tough little site to navigate, to boot. Thanks, amyms. I'm still happy to hear about any alternatives, if anyone has a suggestion.
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I have one of these. There is apprently also a higher-end one. It does a fairly good job. I have not tried to clean my grill with it, so not sure on that count, but I have burned the shit out of myself while steaming a wig with it, so it does get quite hot.
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This is a wild guess, but could Euro steam cleaners work better because of the voltage difference? Europe has double the line voltage as the US, which makes water come to the boil a lot faster in an electric kettle.
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Steam cleaners may not be as powerful as what you're expecting, as happyturtle commented or the US regulations/hazards on household steamers.
I did a bit of research before buying a Eureka 370A Multi-Steamer. Eureka, yeah, but it's Italian designed, so it makes the Ducati look good!
No problems getting ahold of Eureka customer service, if needed.
I like that the water tank is not handheld. And the hose wraps nicely around the unit when stored.
It has many interchangable parts for specific jobs. So far it's been great for lot's o stuff: cleaning grout, small rugs, de-wrinkling drapes, cleaning kitchen & bath hard surfaces, degreasing auto/bike parts, etc. Haven't used it on the bbq yet. Steam lasts about 1/2 an hour, then let cool and refill. The owners manual is written poorly, but it's ok. Check reviews on amazon.

I like the performance, versatality & design of this one.
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