How to heal raw skin in a delicate position
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A friend has some raw skin. (more inside)

The skin is raw (chaffed, really) on a particular body part that changes shape and size, periodically. Unfortunately, this body part can't really be immobilized, and it moves two or three times per day, whether or not my friend wants it to. As it moves, it rips open the scab. When it returns to its normal position, the scab won't "stick" to its old spot. Any suggestions for medication or care?
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neosporin, and whenever it's about to "change shape" he should think of something horrendously unappealing, whatever that may be. And no jerking off or sex until it's totally healed.
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And keep it clean. Wash well. There are band-aids that will fit, I'm sure, too.
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Starched drawers or out of lotion? What was it?
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I'm guessing a close encounter of the unnatural kind with a vacuum cleaner. Silly bugger.
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Or perhaps we have the definitve answer to this question.
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Maybe this stuff would help otherwise I would use frequent applications of antiseptic cream.
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A trip to the dermatologist...?
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Lots and lots of time... he's out of commission for two weeks, at the very least... no other way around it.

If it's a small area, clean with hydrogen peroxide once a day and then wash and apply neosporin. He's going to have to allow the skin to re-grow from the sides, and not scab over and rebuild itself like skin does on the rest of your body.
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Do not use the liquid bandage stuff. It's not elastic enough.
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Neosporin and or other moisturizer. Maybe time for tighty-whities. Neosporin and wrapping in gauze bandage may be the best solution. If the skin is moist it will be supple, so the occasional swelling won't be a big pain (maybe a little one). A doctor may be able to supply something to keep the swelling down, but I dunno about that sort of stuff.
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Isn't reduction in swelling why the British Army would put bromide in soldier's tea? Though its effects may be mythical, I suspect there must be something that would do it, though unsure as to whether a doctor would want to provide it.
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What's with all this "my friend" stuff?
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Wrap it in gauze, maybe?
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Skylar: he doesn't want us to know he has a raw, chaffed penis.
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Hey, but we've all had a raw, chaffed penis at one time or another.


Haven't we?

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