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Help me find some Oaties!

My girlfriend came back from a semester in Cape Town with a new favorite breakfast cereal: Oaties. Sort of like Cheerios, but bigger and slightly sweet. She had a few small packages with her, but they were soon gone.

Problem is, we're having trouble finding them in Chicago, or the US, or, at all. Google-Fu gives me some oatmeal smoothie from The Cereal Bowl and a ton of non-related recipes.

Help me find some Oaties! Ideally locally, online would be fine, or even SOME acknowledgment of this product's existence! I'm starting to think that not only do they not exist outside of South Africa, they might be figments of our collective imagination! (Tasty figments, though!)
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Quaker Oh's was the first thing I thought of, but now that I've found them, they're probably not the same thing. Seems like you would have mentioned the cluster of stuff in the middle.

If you can't find the Oaties, however, these might satisfy your craving. They're not that common, but I've seen them in stores, so they should be easier to find.

Do you have a brand for the Oaties? Might be worth checking out their site...
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Best answer: After a bit more googling, I found this. which led me to Serengeti Trading. I'm sure there are other online retailers as well. You might also try calling Pioneer Foods.

Search terms: south african breakfast cereals.

The actual name of the cereal is Bokoma Otees.
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Response by poster: Natabat! Look at you! Woooo!

A million thanks.
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Response by poster: Alright, initial peak of blinding enthusiasm fading, now I need to figure out how to bring them back into my life. Serengeti Trading can only ship to Canada. Not great, but certainly a step in the right direction!

So... I have to ask... any Canadians feel like doing me a big ol' favor? You'll be compensated and then some, for sure.

And, for what it's worth, if anyone in SA who felt like buying them from the corner shop and sending them my way wanted to chime in, I would appreciate that too!
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Wow. I just had to stop by and post. Someone prefers Oaties over Cheerios. Wow.
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