Presidential Speech Terms Cloud
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Does anyone know the link to a website that displays a list of terms that are used by the president at speeches as a sort of cloud? For example: blah blah blah blah blah WAR blah blah TERROR blah blah TAX I've seen it before, I just can seem to find the link. The website also archives terms used in past speeches. Thanks!

It's supposed to reflect the current state of the nation.
(It might be classified as a histogram)
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Here you go.
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I've seen this tagcloud around -- mostly State of the Union and inaugurals (from lots of POTUSAs.)
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On the blue.
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Here's a tag cloud for the 2007 state of the union and for a democratic debate
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You can upload your own data to swivel or to Many Eyes. Both of these sites have lots of political data sets that are already posted. See here for the 2003 SotU Address.
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