Help me find an old article
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Looking for an old newsmagazine story about Britain.

I remember looking at a piece about Britain's role in the economy throughout the years in a newsmagazine piece about 10 years ago.

The basic outline was that it detailed the role that Britain played in the world economy by era in the British history. Notable eras were the late 1890's as the Empire was at it's peak, the depressions of the 1920's and 30's and the unemployment of Thatcher's effect on Britain's role in the world economy.

It was very fact-based, not just simple talk. It backed itself with sources while being easy to understand as well. I remember it vividly BECAUSE it was such a great article.

I cannot seem to find it at all. It was in some sort of magazine like Newsweek but think 'snootier', like the Economist. Any help would be appreciated locating this resource or any resource like this.
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Your local public library will have this. It is usually not available from home.
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