Will my wife be eligible for Paid Family Leave?
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My wife is pregnant and due in June. She works in health care and up until now has been working a few different part-time jobs, juggling shifts to get to more or less full-time equivalent. She is planning on taking paid family leave when the baby arrives.

Of her three jobs, she pays into CA EDD through two, but she is leaving one of these at the end of the month. When she delivers, the plan is to stop working at all and take Paid Family Leave. Will the fact that she quit the job that pays the most into the fund affect her ability to claim in June? In other words, if she leaves a job that doesn't pay into the fund, is she still elegible to access the funds she did pay in over the period that determines the amount of the check?

As implied above, we are in California.
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i think the benefits administrator at her job can answer that question.
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