pittsburgher needs mental health help
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Looking for recommendations on good mental health therapists in Pittsburgh for help with depression and anger management issues. East End area preferred. The last few I've tried have been pretty bad and I didn't get along with them- however, I am not sure of what I am looking for.
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I work with a women's mental health group in Pittsburgh. Please email me. I can give some suggestions, ones that would work for women or men, but I would rather do it outside of this thread and with a little more information.
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It's hard to make recommendations with so little to go on. (It's as if you'd said "I saw a few movies this year. They were pretty bad. Can you suggest a better one?" Everyone's got different taste in movies, so we'd want to know, at minimum, what you didn't like about the bad ones. Too many explosions? Too few? Too sappy? Not sappy enough?)

So it would be nice if you could add some information on what problems you had with your old therapists. You can email one of the admins and they'll post it to the thread.

Or, if you prefer, my email's in my profile. I lived in Pittsburgh for a few years, I've been through a good bit of therapy, and I'd be happy to compare notes.
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(Or, heck, email Alison, who sounds like she's got more information than I do...)
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Agreed that there's not enough information to go on. For whatever it's worth, I saw Dr. Hirsch (Steven, I think?) at the Kenmawr building in Shadyside and liked him well enough. But that was nearly a decade ago, and I have no idea if he's still practicing or whether he'd be a good fit for you.

Emailing Alison sounds good. Also maybe ask friends if they either have a good therapist to recommend or can ask their therapists for a referral, if you have any friends you'd be comfortable asking. Last suggestion: Does your employer have an employee assistance program? They usually offer a few free phone counselling sessions and assistance finding a therapist, and aren't allowed to let your workplace know that you've used their services. Might be worth looking into.

Good luck!
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