How do I watch a video podcast on an iPod?
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Help, my intuition is broken! How do I get a video podcast onto my iPod and to show up in the appropriate menu(s)?

I have a brand new iPod Classic 80 and iTunes for Windows.

I can't for the life of me figure out how to get video from a video podcast over to the iPod so that I can watch it.

Surely some dragging and dropping is all that it would take to accomplish this but at the moment I'm dragged out.
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Is the podcast in iTunes already? The iPod will want to use iTunes to manage the content on the device, and it's not clear to me from your question if that's what's happening.

If it isn't in iTunes already, add it to iTune using File > Add to Library.
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Response by poster: Willnot, the podcast is already in iTunes. The files download and I can add them to a regular (audio) playlist. Apparently I need to create a video playlist.
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OK. As I understand it, a file gets its "podcast" designation from something in the header of the file. I'm not sure if there's a way to edit that from within iTunes (there really should be, but I can't seem to find one).

If you choose to get info on the file and click on the Video tab, then you may be able to designate it as a movie or TV show. This would at least put it somewhere on the iPod where you can see the video.

If you want it to be seen as a video podcast within the podcast menu, then you'll probably need to edit the file itself. There's a script that says it will do it, but that may be a Mac only thing.
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Remember the screen that comes up when you plug in your ipod? That screen has a bunch of options and it also shows you how much space you use etc. On the top, there are a few tabs. Click on the podcast tab. And either choose sync all podcasts or select ones that you want. Then on the bottom right, click apply. That will copy stuff to your ipod.
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