Anyone able to help identify an elusive women's scarf subspecies?
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What would a women's square wool or fleece scarf be called?

One of my relatives has been hinting at wanting one. However, I haven't been able to find anything online using those search terms. And when I've asked at stores/boutiques, they look at me like I've been hitting the crackpipe. She has one that she's had for quite a while (but it's not very warm). So it's not like she's imagining some winter accessory that never existed.

What I'm looking for is roughly the size of a square silk scarf, but made of a warmer material. The potential gift recipient wants something that could be folded diagonally in half, with the hypotenuse of the resultant triangle wrapped around her neck like a short scarf, and the rest of the triangle covering her upper back under her coat.

It's definately not a pashmina, although several stores have suggested them.
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You may have some luck googling it as 20x20 scarf, 30x30 scarf (including odd numbers like 27x27, etc.) That'll get you the squares. Then add in fabrics to narrow it down further. If pashmina is a good fabric but you're only finding wraps, you will get better results googling "square pashmina".
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Best answer: It's a wool headscarf.
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Here's more detail.
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This looks like it.

"... 36" x 36" head scarf in luxury silk cashmere. ... fine-quality, lightweight blend of 30% silk and 70% cashmere wool ... available in eight colors: Black, Lime, Turquoise Blue, Maroon, Pink, Red, Off-White, and Navy.."

It's $45, so not cheap but perhaps you could go halves with another family member.
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maybe try googling 'foulard'? I believe that's what the square scarves (as opposed to the long ones) are known as at least in the couture world.
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It's a headscarf.
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Response by poster: essexjan: that first one looks about right size-wise; 3' square looks a bit too big. I had my credit card out, ready to buy it... but they're no longer available. Damn.
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Best answer: Try Chinatown, CKMtl. I know I've seen things like it along La Gauchetiere recently, in the row of shops near the dragon beard candy place.
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Google 'Wool Headsquare' and you should get any number of Scottish tartan suppliers who sell these, in everything from the brightest to the mutest of tartans.

All the sites I'm getting are UK-centric, as Google tends to do this, but you should get US suppliers if you search from the US.
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That light, finely woven wool is often called challis. I have some of those big square wool scarves, and the nicest were from museum gift shops, notably the Metroplitan.
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Response by poster: zadcat: Awesome. I'll check that out.

essexjan: Yup, I found a bunch of those UK tartan shops last night too. I might go that route if I can't find one in chinatown. Some of those sites say that it can take 4-6 weeks (!) to ship, though. Must do Christmas shopping earlier...
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