Tai Chi and Ang Lee: two tastes which'll taste great together
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Where can I find a DVD of Ang Lee's Pushing Hands which is reasonably priced and zoned for the US?

I would be happy just to borrow it, but it's not on netflix. I've heard that there's a netflix-type service which specializes in indie movies, but I'm having trouble finding it. It's possible that that service would have it. I looked on Amazon, but the cheapest copy there is $70, which is a bit much. Froogle found a copy zoned for Australia for $23, but that would be a bit of a nuisance. I couldn't find it on the Borders or the Barnes and Noble websites.
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15 bucks, free shipping. this is the mei-ah region-free disc. haven't ordered from this site for years, but I was satisfied with them back when I did. you could also try yesasia and there are many other similar sites.

if you ever plan to buy a large number of discs at once, you can order from various sites that are in HK (hkflix, dddhouse, fivestarlaser, etc.) ... dvds are frequently $5-10 (and yes this is the price of a legitimate non-pirated dvd in HK) it's just the shipping that can be pricey if you don't make a large order.
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Terrific. Thanks, dorian.
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For what it's worth, the "indie Netflix" service you were looking for is GreenCine.
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another good site to check out is yesasia.com
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Thanks, jjg. That's the one.
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