How do you pronounce the last name Geschiere?
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How do you pronounce the last name of the anthropologist Peter Geschiere?

If it helps any, he teaches at the University of Amsterdam, so I assume he's Dutch. (Although there is an outside possibility that he's French, as he does a lot of his writing in French.)
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If it's Dutch it will be CHes-CHear-eh (that is, the CH sound you get in German, or Hebrew, or... Welsh. Not sure how to transribe it).
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ge-SHEAR-eh would be the german pronounciation. IF he is dutch (and not german, which is a possibility), ClarissaWAM is right. The CH-sound hard to describe, imagine a cat hissing briefly. Even as a german I would probably stumble pronouncing this name in dutch.
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He's Dutch, so ClarissaWAM has it. But he's taught at Columbia University and the New School (both in New York). so you could call one or both and ask how the people who've dealt with him say it. (You probably don't want to be trying to say it the Dutch way in English unless you warn people to stand back from the spray!)
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