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Good, inexpensive, (preferably free) online course or certification in MS Access or other database software?

Applying for a job where one of the preferred qualifications is experience with database software. I don't have said experience, but I am good with computers and learn quickly. I need recommendations for good online courses or certifications in Access or other database software, so that I can do it soon. Otherwise, any recommendations for classes, courses or certifications in Chicago that I can do soon and be done with quickly? Like a one-day workshop or something? Thanks!
posted by shotgunbooty to Computers & Internet (1 answer total) 10 users marked this as a favorite has a free Access course that prepares you for MOS certification.

It is a site designed for librarians and almost all of the courses are free. (You might want to mention your local library system in the registration process.)

I'm taking the Access course now - its a total of 30 hours of materials. I'm about five hours into the course and its about what you would expect for a free course...
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