Backing up Groupwise mails to DVD to be accessed by a different mail program later?
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Backing up Groupwise mails to DVD to be accessed by a different mail program later?

I am switching jobs soon and will need to still be available to answer questions on various projects. My boss and I have discussed making an offsite backup of my Groupwise mails (also with attachments etc ideally) so that I can access them from my home computer on a DVD if I need to check on old mail conversations.

I am going to contact the IT guy and ask him to fix this for me, but I am wondering what would be the easiest solution (for me!). I don't really have a mail program at the moment, but would rather use for example Thunderbird than Outlook to access these mails later if this is even possible. I am on a PC btw. What do I ask my IT guy to do?
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Is there a reason you can't install the Groupwise client? Because it's fairly easy for your IT people to set you up with a locally cached copy of your mailbox. It would then be a minor matter to burn that archive off to a DVD. We actually switched to Lotus Notes recently (don't ask), and as part of the migration set that up for many of our Groupwise users.
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Oh and I expect your IT guy already knows how to do that, but if you choose to go that route and have additional questions, feel free to MefiMail me...I've done Groupwise administration since the program was a part of WordPerfect Office.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestion! At present though I have no idea what computer I will be using in the future, and ideally I want this "out of sight, out of mind" until it is needed at some point. I also don't know if there are license issues with me having Groupwise, while no longer being a part of this office/company.
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Do they have GroupWise webaccess available? If so, why not keep your account and just login from the internets when you need to?
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Iteki, I'm pretty sure Groupwise is licensed by the accounts on the server, not through client installs.
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I would use Transend Migrator ($50) to export your Groupwise mailbox/contacts into another format (Thunderbird, if that's what you prefer), and store the exported files on DVD.
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