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I want to make a promotional mug that has a picture of a brain on it, where some 'brain activations' appear when the mug is heated. I've seen color-changing mugs like this around, but I can't seem to find out where to get them made.

I've found a number of places online that will sell you a mug that appears blank or a dark color when cool, and reveals a complete image when heated, but that is not what I want -- I want image 'A' when the mug is cool, and image 'A' with image 'B' overlaid when the mug is hot. Anyone have any leads?

If it matters, I'll be ordering around 500 of them.
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I have no idea where to get that, but I *totally* want one! If you figure it out and get them made, tell me how much!
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i know these can be done, as i've received just such a mug as a promotional item from an ant control company of all things. i will look into it it and report back.
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This company has a lot of image-shifting mugs which they probably get manufactured in relatively small quantities - maybe they would tell you their source.
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Look in your Yellow Pages under "promotional products" or "advertising specialties". 500 is a pretty reasonable quantity for a distributor to work with, and I know the product exists. My knowledge in the field isn't current, but I worked in the industry from 1995-2000 and would guess that a run of 500 of that type product would cost you somewhere around $2 - 3 each.
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Now I want a This is your brain/ This is your brain on Metafilter mug.
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Any luck kidsleepy? Inquiring minds want to know!
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i've emailed the rep i got the mug from- waiting on a response...
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apparently my company used a vendor who outsourced to another vendor, possibly based in NC. anyone who is still interested, send me a mefi mail and i'll give you the contact info.
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