Suikei Kozo to Ryuiki what?
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How do I format the citation information for this Japanese journal article? I've found a journal article that I want to cite in a paper, but I can't determine the journal's name. The index page seems to claim the journal title is "Suikei Kozo to Ryuiki Dotai ni Motozuku Mizu, Dosha Ryushutsu Kiko to Saigai Kankyo ni kansuru Kenkyu Heisei", which seems too long and also appears to not translate (so I can't figure out if it's shortenable).

My googling is failing me. All phrases from the "journal title" get Google hits to just that page, and translate to nothing in Google Translate. I thought the title might be "Nendo," but the context I've found for that seems to suggest it's a month or a word like "Issue," or "number." But Google Translate has no translation of that word either.
Can anyone shed some light on what that index page says? It does seem to be an article that's published in a journal, since they give volume, year and page numbers for it.
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My google-fu has failed also, but there's a good chance that Osamu Nakahara has cited himself in this paper. Perhaps you can find an abbreviation in the references (I don't have access privileges here, so I can't find out, sorry).
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I can't help you translate things, but WWWJDIC is better than Google Translate for things like this. Use the dictionary search and put things in in chunks, checking the box for romanized Japanese.
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Gomi's CV lists it as:
Takao A., Nunokawa M., Gomi T., Negishi J.N., and Nakahara O. Effects of net spinning by caddisfly (Trichoptera; Stenopsyche marmorata) on cobble stability in streams, northern Japan. 11th International symposium on Trichoptera Osaka, Japan. Osaka.
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You can just write "Suikei Kozo to Ryuiki Dotai ni Motozuku Mizu, Dosha Ryushutsu Kiko to Saigai Kankyo ni kansuru Kenkyu" The last bit is the year.
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"Dosha Ryushutsu Kiko to Saigai Kankyo ni kansuru Kenkyu" is the year?
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My mistake. I see now that Heisei is an era - this year is Heisei 19 and the year referred to is Heisei 12-15. December 2003?
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No, "Heisei 12-15 nendo" means 2000-2003. So "publication" in 2004 makes sense, whatever publication means in this case. (Maybe presentation at that symposium?)

The Japanese for the "journal title" seems to be: 水系構造と流域動態に基づく水・土砂流出機構と災害環境に関する研究, if that helps. There's a non-zero chance that it's not a "journal" in the traditional sense, but I don't have access to academic search powers.

If you can find contact information for one of the authors, you could write to them and ask.
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The first part of the title before the comma translates to

"Water originating from drainage structures and river basin movement"

and the second part to

"Research pertaining to the effects of sediment runoff on the environment".
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grouse has the necessary information.

The answer is
Proceedings of the Eleventh International Symposium on Trichoptera
Sakai, Osaka and Kutsugi, Shiga, Japan, 12-19 June 2003
Edited by Kazumi Tanida and Andrew Rossiter
Tokai University Press

It seems you have to buy the journal for evidence,
since there seems to be no contents listing available.

Below is some information on the mind-baffling japanese.

The journal article in Japanese is

this is pronounced as:
"Suikei Kozo to Ryuiki Dotai ni Motozuku Mizu, Dosha Ryushutsu Kiko to Saigai Kankyo ni kansuru Kenkyu Heisei"
which is erroneously registered as the journal name.
(Although it makes no sense to foreigners,
Japanese people sometimes substitute the pronounciation for the proper translation.)

I am fluent in japanese, so pls contact me if you need further clarification.
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