Need to ID 80's silent movie
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MovieFilter: I need help identifying a late-80's or very early 90's silent movie that takes place in NY...

I remember seeing it on cable as a kid, but I have no idea what it was called. I only remember vingettes, but there was no dialogue just music

Vignette 1: There was a black guy and a white guy in suits taking the ferry into the city (they were roommates?)

Vignette 2: The white guy is sitting at his desk in the office, and it's empty except for a janitor, and there blood and maybe crime scene tape around the desk next to him.

Hazy, perhaps wrong memory: The title had something to do with "Cabinet";
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Oh, well, Suture isn't silent. Never mind!
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Best answer: The Cabinet of Dr Ramirez?
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Response by poster: Hmmm...Maybe the Dr. Ramirez, but it didn't seem like a 'free-wheeling horror spoof" to me, but then I was young and didn't see all of it.
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Here's a description of the movie that goes into some detail - if it is the right movie something might jog your memory.
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Response by poster: Ah, yes I believe that's it! Thanks so much! This has been gnawing away at the back of my head for years!
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