Can you recommend a counselor in Vancouver, BC?
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I’m asking this on behalf of a good friend in Vancouver, BC, who’s going through an especially hard time right now. In her own words, she feels like she’s “drowning in her own life” but doesn’t know how to even BEGIN to address things. She’s willing to try counseling but could really use some therapist recommendations, which is what I’m asking for here.

A few details that might help:

- For months and longer she’s felt increasingly like she’s lost her drive, lost interest in the things that used to matter to her, cannot get done what she wants to, and is sleeping far more than she’d like. She also recently (not even a full month ago) and unexpectedly lost her father, with whom she was very close – which is obviously compounding things intensely.

- She’s on a rather limited income so somebody with inexpensive or sliding-scale rates would probably be best (if it helps, she’s in the Gastown area).

- Past experiences have left her somewhat leery of therapists; two things in particular that I know she’s concerned about is a) feeling like they think she’s “faking” it and b) finding out that there’s nothing therapy can do for her and that she just has to live with the horrible way she’s been feeling. I would hope that anybody worthy of being a therapist would be familiar with and capable of working through these concerns, but she’s had so-called counsellors who’ve made her feel this way before. Towards that end, if anybody’s been in the same boat and found a therapist (in Vancouver) who was good at addressing these types of issues as well, that would be ideal.

Based on this description, does anybody reading this have experience with a Vancouver-based therapist they would recommend? For the record, we are hoping for recommendations for therapists rather than speculation on what she’s experiencing (sincere thanks to any of you who have opinions on the latter, but at this point the most immediate need is to find someone who can help her) – and of course it goes without saying that I only ask this question after having spoken with her about it and gotten her blessing to do so (I may be meddlesome but I hope I'm not THAT meddlesome! ;)

Thanks in advance for any response you can provide, and of course please Mefi-mail or email me (address is in my profile) if you'd rather not post publicly.
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John Gauger
808-675 Hastings Street West
Vancouver, BC
(604) 689-1775

hes helped me and a lot of my friends out. the first time i saw him i wasnt so sure about him, but hes great. i believe the first session is free and he does work on a sliding scale, he is also very close to the gastown area.
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"she just has to live with the horrible way she’s been feeling"
Um, no. She doesn't. A good therapist would be great and maybe some meds would help. Some people don't like pills, but for some people, it's the exact antidote to the pool of despondency it seems your friend has fallen into. A lot of therapists aren't that great, so it's worth finding one who is. Keep reminding her that she can get better.
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"she just has to live with the horrible way she’s been feeling"
Um, no. She doesn't.

Agreed, of course, 100% - again, though, it is a concern she had based on a previous experience, and thus it seemed like a worthwhile data point to include. Thanks for the encouraging words, though =) And butterball, thank you very much for your recommendation, it is very much appreciated and will most definitely be passed along!
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