Gold Power - the search for the Golden Fist Air Freshener
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Some dollar stores in Chicago used to sell these golden fist shaped air fresheners which were meant to be mounted on the dashboard. They put out a powery fresh scent were dead serious cool.

The fist was clenched in the "power" position, made of gold colored plastic, and each finger had a gem ring. Can someome PLEASE help me locate this item, or at the very least, a picture of it?
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Best answer: An image of "The Fist" air freshener, on (surprisingly) Lily Tomlin's website. Smell that fist!
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Response by poster: Steef, you are the greatest! Steef Power!
posted by suitcase at 10:13 AM on November 30, 2007

Best answer: Better yet -- here's the patent!!
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As for obtaining one of these sacred relics, you could try calling Allison Co. (listed in the patent).
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barnone power!
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this is so badass. where do i get one? christmas is coming and my boyfriend's mazda is gonna get fisted.
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