crazyblinddate is crazy, yes?
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Does anyone have any experience with, from the okcupid people?

my friend wants to try it but i'm nervous for her (internet strangers! oh no!). In the fpp a few weeks ago, a few people said they were going to try it and report their findings, but... no reports! Has anyone tried it and survived?
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I've been meaning to try it, but it's the sort of thing that I would dive into spontaneously, last minute, before I lost my courage. It's just such a crapshoot, you know? I think to myself, if I'm going to go into it with my expectations realistically that low, I might as well stay home, where I know I'll have a good time. Then again, this is probably why I'm still single.
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I haven't tried it either, because I don't live anywhere near any of their current cities. But it seems OK to me. She'll be meeting someone in a public place. The "rules" say she only needs to spend 20 minutes with her "date" if it's obvious things aren't going to work out. If the date lies about himself, there is a feedback system where she can rat him out. What has she got to lose, except 30 minutes and a small amount of dignity? In return she'll get either a good time or a good story to tell you later.
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My guess is that they don't call it crazyblinddate for nuthin'
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Here's one report. Also.
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A friend of a friend tried it. The girl he met didn't interest him, but he loved the logistics of meeting the other person, with the texting and so forth. If you're adventurous (and you need to be, to do any kind of online dating), it seems cool to me. It's not any different from meeting someone at a party, really. Just facilitated in a different way. If I'm ever single again, I'll use it.
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Similar to autojack, a friend used it a couple of weeks ago. He reported that his date was neither crazy nor blind, but that it was a good time. No spark, but it worked well for him and he's planning on doing it again. It really is a very cool concept.
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I've tried it for a few weeks. I've been "scheduled" for a few dates, but either had them never respond or simply not show up.

I may not be Cassanova, but I don't tend to have luck that terrible in "real" dating, so I suspect there's a good bit of tweaking and filtering to be done to the system.
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I've put in a bunch of days and times and never come up with a match or been scheduled. Maybe it's because I've only tried to do double dates.

Sidenote: I did join OKCupid from there and I'm liking it, so she could go that route instead.
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