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I am planning on graphically wrapping my car. I would like to create the wrapped image onto a jpg of my car with perspective in either photoshop or sketchup or any other graphics program. Anyone have any ideas on how to create this graphically, so I can see it before I print it
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Can the sign company that prints the wrap and wraps your car provide this? It may not be in perspective, but I cannot imagine they don't have a way for you to review the design before spending the money to have it printed.
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Check the google 3d/sketchup library for the type of car you have. You'd be amazed at what people have done with skechup. You may be able to find a ready made model of your car.

From there you can just paint your image onto the various surfaces of the model.
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If you have Photoshop CS2, you can use the Vanishing Point tool to get proper perspective. This allows you to assign perspective planes to different surfaces on a picture.
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Maybe a crazy idea, but is your car by any chance in e.g. Forza 2 or some other next-gen racing game? I've seen people do amazing stuff in creating their own skin designs.
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If all else fails, when you're calling around for quotes ask the vendors if they can send you an Adobe Illustrator template for your model of car.
When you get close to finishing, they may be able to use your art to show show you what it will look like at the shop.
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