Myspace CSS hex-code woes
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I'm having trouble using hex codes in my myspace CSS style sheets. When I enter the hex # (example "color: #99FF33") then save, the text i've entered is somehow automatically changed to "color: #99FF33" and the color remains unchanged. What is causing this? Is there a work around?
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Your two examples are identical. Try adding a semicolon to the end of the statement, inside the quotes. Like so "color: #99ff33;". Although most browsers will render unterminated css statements, it's not really valid css, so a strict interpreter could get confused.
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Response by poster: sorry, it looked right in preview, but what is being inserted into the statement is:

color: (ampersand)#035;99FF33

i am using a complete style sheet, and everything else in it works as it should.

whole style sheet (minus the style tags, which won't display here):

.nametext {font-family: trebuchet MS, impact, arial; font-size:xx-large; color: #99FF33;}
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Best answer: Leave the # off your color codes and it will work. Yes, it's wrong, but you're going to be doing a lot of very wrong things when you're trying to get myspace to bend to your will.
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If they're still using ColdFusion, it's because CF barfs on # signs, so you'd have to double them up to escape them, but if zsazsa's advice works, stick with that.
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This isn't very scientific and it may sound stupid...... but I have run into issues with Firefox caching a stylesheet and not noting any changes to it for quite a while. You might want to try loading the page in another browser to test. Or you can try changing the name of the stylesheet so it will reload.
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Last time I had to 'deal' with MySpace, the workaround was to use named colours, or RGB values, as hash marks were inexplicably filtered, as you're discovering.
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