Swap MacBook Pros?
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How can my friend trade his 17" Macbook Pro for a smaller laptop?

A friend of mine was given a 17" MacBook Pro, which he does appreciate, but he needs to cart his laptop around a lot and it's just too heavy. He'd prefer the equivalent in 15" or maybe even a 13" MacBook. I suggested he sell it on ebay and buy a smaller model, but that's a bit of a hassle, what with shipping and worrying about whether the replacement computer is defective or not as recent a model. What's the easiest/safest way for him to trade his MacBook Pro for a smaller one?
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Suggest a swap on Craigslist? Surely there is someone with a smaller model only because they couldn't afford the larger one.

Try hanging fliers at local universities and coffee shops.
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If it's less than a month old, Apple may have a "no questions asked" return policy, whereby I bet he could take it to a store, and trade it straight across. It's worth a phone call, anyway. If he's not near a store, it might be able to be done over the phone.
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Does he want to recapture the price difference too, or is he ok with a straight up trade?
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Depending on how old the MacBook Pro is, I would 2nd your suggestion of eBaying it. Just eBay the MacBook Pro, and buy the MacBook from Apple. Shouldn't be very much hassle at all.
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Or, alternatively, find someone like me with a MacBook that wouldn't mind upgrading to a Pro, and working out a deal.
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