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What would you wear if you were a VIP at the Led Zeppelin concert coming up?

There isn’t a dress code. What would you do? Keep in mind that this is London mid December. I am a male. (But if you want to post an idea for the ladies in my situation, might as well.)
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I'd buy a tux.
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codpiece. That is all.
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First of all, there is very little I wouldn't do for that VIP pass.

I'd wear a tux with a "Four Symbols" tie. And "Zoso" cufflinks, if they exist.
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zOMG, they do exist.
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A leather thong and ball gag? Oops, sorry that's the Exotic Erotic Ball. Dress nicely but don't go overboard. I think a tux is way too much, a suit is too much and a polo shirt or button up will just make you look and feel like a dork who doesn't belong. Be comfortable and be cool.
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Dress like David Beckham when he's going out (not when he's on the field) and you'll be fine.
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If the nursing home lets you wear their robes and pajamas off-grounds, you could wear those. Aside from that, your clothes will largely be a function of what you'll be doing in them; if you're planning on just standing around, you could certainly wear a tux or suit. I would caution against any Zeppelin-related imagery, myself, though, as I would be reluctant to look overly-fanboyish.
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Is the VIP status designated by you or others?
T-Shirt and jeans. It's Zeppelin, dude.
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Oh my god, people. It's rock and roll! It's LED ZEPPELIN! And you're telling him to wear a suit! GAH!!!!! Jeans, t-shirt, jacket. This isn't a job interview, it's a rock show.

I don't know your age, but the worst thing you could do if you're over, well, 12, is to dress yourself in Led Zep-themed crap from head to toe. Seriously, just wear dark jeans, boots, and a black t-shirt and you'll be fine - and this gives the added bonus of being able to wear whatever jacket the weather requires.

But if you do decide to dress up, stick with dark clothes.
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A suit always works. I would probably air a little more toward casual since it's probably going to be a long night. I suppose you could go there in what trim17 suggests, but it might come off as a costume.

You'll have to come back and tell us what being a VIP means. Front row(ish) seats? A rushed walk through back stage? A 60 minute conversation with Jimmy Page about Aleister Crowley?
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Regular, comfortable pub clothes. It's a concert, not a fashion show.
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Black jeans, boots. Motörhead T-shirt. It's the perfect outfit for so many occasions. If you're going to be outdoors for any length of time on the way there, a leather jacket will do nicely. Under no circumstances should you wear Led Zeppelin merchandise unless you want to look like a dork.
If you look awesome in a suit and would generally wear one when out at nightclubs then do so, but I would imagine that if you had to ask this question then this is not the case. Definitely don't wear anything you're not comfortable in.
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Something silver and shiny that makes jumping around easy.
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Listen to pdb. A suit? A tux? That seems out of place to me. You'll look like you dressed up for the occasion, which is just so uncool. You want to look like you're a VIP at rock concerts all the time.
Just wear a plain, nice, dark tee-shirt; tailored dark jeans; a spiffy sport coat, maybe in corduroy or dark suede; and black or brown boots. Anything else would be over-the-top, in my opinion.
And nothing with Led Zeppelin on it, seriously.
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Just wear your regular clothes. You'll look relaxed and comfortable, because you will be. Besides, that's the kind of thing you can get away with when you're a VIP.
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If you're worried about looking too casual, wear jeans with a nice dark shirt and shoes. You'll look like you made an effort, but still have that air of cool about you. I hope I'm not the only one that is hoping that you'll report back after. OMG
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Well, if I were you, I'd wear *me* on your arm.

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All right. You are definitely going to need to prep for this one.

First, find a good hairstylist. Being a Zephead doesn't mean you need to be scruffy. Nothing militaresque, of course. Something choppy and stylish, maybe that hangs over your eyes. Trendy styles now have a very rocker feel to them. If you are older, though, make sure they don't give you a cut that is too young. Go to a GOOD salon. And get your nails done. Even if you're a guy, a good shaping and buffing won't look feminine and can do wonders.

If you don't have a nice pair of blue jeans, get one now. I prefer a dark wash but it's up to your taste. Break them in beforehand. No farm jeans, these should be designer and again have a rocker feel to them. If you can handle the slim fit go for it. Otherwise do a bootcut. The jeans should have excellent detail.

Shoes! Converse would be very in if you are young. Otherwise, go for a casual sneaker, muted colors and designs. Not the kind of sneakers you wear running or to play sports. Definitely not flashy basketball shoes or Reeboks or Nikes.

(I know this whole outfit is headed pretty indie-rock, but with the right attitude you can pull this off, really. Besides, unless you are Linkin Park or a similar "hardcore" band this is what everyone is wearing anyway)

For the top, I think a guy would look good in a print tee and a blazer over it, slim-fit if you have the body type. You can take the blazer off to rock out, but you put it on and look decent. Designs or something retro for the print tee. I would NOT get a t-shirt you can find at the mall. Something you would buy on Threadless or other non-mainstream t-shirts. Nothing too flowery or girly (you are still here to rock out, not cry over your acoustic about your girfriend), but I would not go for something too funny or shocking like you'd find at (definitely not work-safe, by the way). Wearing a Led Zeppelin t-shirt would be sucking up. Wearing another band shirt would be kind of insulting, unless it's the Beatles and then you'd look like a poser. Oh, and the blazer should be gray or black. I'd shy away from pinstripes. No fancy buttons. You would not be able to wear this blazer as part of formal work dress, probably. But it is worth it for this one concert and you can wear the outfit out to bars.

I notice your location is in New York. The next step is to put on your outfit and get in your car. Drive to the I-678 bridge, it's called the Bronx-Whitestone Bridge on Google Maps. Or even better get on the Throgs Neck Bridge, 295, since that is a great name. When you get on the bridge get a good speed going. Then, you lucky fucking jerk, you are going to turn your wheel and go off the bridge and into the Hudson River. Yes! Just do it, this is an integral part of the plan and will complete your outfit. Did you remember to mail me your ticket beforehand? I hope so, perhaps I should have put that instruction first.
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Wearing another band shirt would be kind of insulting, unless it's the Beatles and then you'd look like a poser.

Disagree. Really, this question ought to be "Which band t-shirt should I wear to the Led Zeppelin show?"

And I'm going to say the answer is Miles Davis.
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Wearing another band shirt would in most cases be in no way insulting. That's just nonsense. A Whitesnake shirt or a Coverdale/Page shirt would probably not be a great idea, but mostly you're on safe ground.
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Punk Rock Cock. (Safe for work)
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Seconding the casual/broken-in blazer idea. Perhaps velvet?
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The Bronx-Whitestone and the Throgs Neck actually dump you right into the Long Island Sound, but schroedinger's comment is 100% correct in every other regard.
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You posted this just to make us jealous, didn't you? Schroedinger has my sentiments exactly.
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Well-fitting jeans, comfy shoes for standing for a long, long time, a band t-shirt, and a good-looking and well-worn leather jacket.

What band on your t-shirt? I suggest making a homemade Jeff Beck Group shirt and writing "Clapton Is God" on it.
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Suit and a tux at a Zeppelin concert?

I think all you really need to do is wear clothing at all, really.
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Iwould wear my everyday, normal, casual clothes. It's a rock concert.
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(Back in the day, when I paid attention to this sort of thing, I remember hearing people say it was lame to wear a band's t-shirt to their own show. I guess the idea is that you want to look well-rounded.)
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I wouldn't dress too sloppily, as there might be an after-party at a club or upscale restaurant that you'll be invited to and they won't appreciate torn jeans and a T-shirt. I'd suggest generic black slacks of some sort, and a plain dark T-shirt or polo shirt with a jacket (either a sport coat or a regular cold-weather-type jacket) that you can either wear or carry.
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Jeans and a t-shirt. seriously
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Response by poster: Okay, I've made my decsion and will be keeping it up scale casual. I will post / mark best answer after the show. I'll let you know what the trend was.
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So, what's the scoop?
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Response by poster: Sorry for the late response. I didn't have a computer with me in London. I also caught a horrible case of the flu when I was over there before I came home. That's another post entirely.

Well the VIP room was quite impressive. But I found the bathrooms not so VIP, as one guy said, "Hey it's just like Dodger Stadium." I've never been to it, but you go in a trough. I needed a special card with a number to get in. Then depending on my number I got 3 other bracelets. One to match my ticket, another for the after party and a third to comp my drinks. The room itself was mostly men. Probably a 7:1 ratio.

There was a bit of everything. Lots of sport jackets, button downs, a few sweaters, dark jeans, dark shirts, nice shoes, sneakers, converse. Many people were wearing their vintage Zeppelin T's. Obviously the Mefi memo didn't get to them. No suits or tuxes from what I saw. (besides for that gold and diamond one...which makes me believe...) The most stand out things were:
Chopper shop (biker) gear.
A guy with what seemed to be black tights on with pink Nike's and a black t-shirt.
Two guys with Canadian hockey jerseys on with blazers over it.
A blazer that was made out of the British flag.

So really? My conclusion of what you should wear if there isn't a dress code in a VIP room: Wear something that you look good and yourself in.
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