Glass marble magnet supplies in Toronto
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I want to make glass marble magnets. Where can I find supplies in downtown Toronto?

I need:

- round strong magnets (1/2" and 3/4");
- clear flat glass marbles (1/2" and 3/4");
- silicon sealer (glue).

I know to look for the glass marbles in the "fake flowers section" at Michael's, but the nearest Michael's is in Mississauga and that's too far. I need something downtown. Maybe the bead stores along Queen West? Hardware stores? Curry's?
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DeSerres (formerly Loomis Art Stores) has a location at Richmond and Spadina. They've been revamping the stores a bit to have more Michael's type stuff.
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Do you have a Loonie Store or equivalent near you? They probably have the marbles (and maybe the magnets too).
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Best answer: Try Dollarama for the marbles, magnets and glue. They have a pretty big crafts section in the larger stores. The one on Queen in Parkdale was particularly big and well stocked with craft stuff. Though it's been several months since I lived in Toronto I'm pretty sure I've seen all the items you need there.

Canadian tire would have the glue and possibly the magnets.

If I didn't find them in those places I'd probably go to Walmart in Dufferin mall, where they have a large craft section.
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These glass pebbles are often sold as filler for vases, so if you have a home furnishing store like Pier One or Crate and Barrel you will likely find them.
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If you want really strong magnets, Lee Valley (on King, w of Spadina) has rare earth magnets.
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I made these before and it was a nice way to spend a few hours. Two tips I have are:

1. Try to find completely see-through marbles, not the iridescent ones, because they show the picture underneath more clearly.

2. Strong, thin magnets are if you can find them.

Have fun!
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Ahem.. Strong, thin magnets are BEST if you can find them.
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